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March 2022 Performance Dates

Jan 10, 2022

I am excited to announce two performances in central Indiana for March 2022!

The first will be at the inaugural concert series at Purdue University, West Lafayette on March 27th, at 4pm. The concert will feature the unveiling of their new Steinway grand piano at Hilel Theatre, and feature Purdue University faculty and guest artists. I will be playing works by G. Faure, and Purdue composer Harry Bulow.

The second concert will be as a part of the Lively Arts Series at Indiana University East, in Richmond on March 31st at 7pm. This is a concert of works by Dr. Nathan Froebe, and I will be playing Froebe's Rhapsodic Fantasia for Tenor Saxophone, and a chamber work for piano, flute, percussion, and tenor saxophone.

Please check out my schedule tab for more information on these concerts and possible livestreaming!

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